Advisor Overview

As a professional advisor, you may have clients who are interested in charitable giving. Paulding County Hospital Foundation is committed to assisting you and your clients in achieving their philanthropic goals. As a public charity, we offer you, as an advisor, an opportunity to obtain federal and state tax benefits for your clients.


With a donation to Paulding County Hospital Foundation, your clients will be able to leave a legacy in the community and set an example for family and loved ones about the importance of philanthropy. We are happy to help your clients who may wish to donate a variety of assets, which may include cash or appreciated real estate and investments.

 If you would like more information on the charitable giving options available through PCHF, please contact Estee Miller, PCHF Executive Director at  or call (419) 796-8114.


Why Choose PCHF

​Since 1999, the Paulding County Hospital Foundation has connected with donors to help them to make their charitable dreams a reality. The income tax and estate tax planning advantages of utilizing a community foundation are significant; however, we have found that a donor’s satisfaction of being able to give back or to connect with their community is a driving force behind philanthropy.

  • PCHF is a local organization. Our assets are at work every day right here in the communities of Paulding County.
  • PCHF’s charitable giving options provide maximum value and tax benefits to your clients.
  • Giving through PCHF will provide a much greater impact because we can provide your clients with the knowledge needed to maximize the effectiveness of their charitable gifts.
  • Gifts to PCHF are used directly to benefit wellness and high-quality health care in our community.
  • PCHF provides your clients with a way to create a legacy of giving.

Advisor FAQ’s

Can gifts to Paulding County Hospital Foundation benefit areas other than Paulding County?

All donations to PCHF are expended exclusively in our county.

What is the minimum gift required?

PCHF accepts gifts of any amount.

What type of assets can my client use to make a donation?

PCHF accepts gifts of cash, real estate, investments, life insurance policy and retirement fund accounts.

What are the tax advantages for my client to use PCHF?

Tax advantages will vary depending on the assets your clients choose to donate, and the type of gift used. Each donor’s situation is different and should be viewed on an individual basis to determine what type of gift is best suited to achieve your donor’s goals. A fund with PCHF is often a better alternative than a private foundation.

What if my client wishes to remain anonymous?

Some clients may choose to remain anonymous. We are not required to report his/her names to the public or through any reports that would be required by the IRS. Gifts made to the fund as well as grants awarded from the fund can remain anonymous indefinitely, or until such time as your client desires that to change.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about how a donation to Paulding County Hospital Foundation would benefit your clients, please contact Estee Miller, PCHF Executive Director, at  or call (419) 796-8114.